People Management vs. Project Management

Being a business consultant is like taking a test. A never-ending test. A test that you have to get 100% on every time. A test that you stayed up all night studying for just to realize you studied the wrong material. Sound about right? Well, it isn’t actually all that bad…but there is truth to

Why Effective Communication is Your Key to Success

As a business professional, it is safe to assume that you have probably been given the advice “Communication is Key” when it comes to being successful in your career. I am here to tell you that this is not entirely true. Am I suggesting that communication is unimportant? Of course not. However, I am suggesting

How to optimize online training

As an instructor that has provided classroom and online training, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the features and functionality built into modern Web-based platforms. I started my career as a classroom teacher at an Alternative High School for at-risk youth. There is no greater challenge, as a teacher, than to face

How to develop engaging classroom training

In-person, classroom training is the preferred method of content delivery for most instructors. While travel, budgets, and timelines often make it difficult to send an instructor around the world or gather a group of learners in a physical location, the quality of content delivery is unsurpassed. Instructors identify non-verbal cues from learners and can adjust