Four essential GTM campaign components

So, you want to go-to-market? Let’s say you have an amazing idea for a product, or an app, or a service. Whatever it is, it’s going to change world. In fact, it is so good that you have gone through the effort of creating it. Now that you have this amazing “something”… what next? The

ISVs partnering with MSPs | Part 2

ISVs and MSPs: Buddy system for the business world – the mutual benefits of channel partnerships No one in the business world can go it completely alone. Even if they could, they would be at a distinct disadvantage in doing so. This is because every business has a unique set of resources, access to which

ISV Application Solutions | Part 1

What is an ISV and Why Should I Care? Unless you are involved in the application corner of the software industry, it is very likely that you have never heard of the term ISV. Or perhaps, you have heard it in passing but never bothered to look up what it meant. Either way, Odigo is