Go-to-Market (GTM) 101

Apps have exploded our mobile, digital marketplace with categories including games, business, education, lifestyle, and entertainment. How do you differentiate your great idea from the 2,506,180 total active apps available in Apple’s App Store? Welcome to Go-to-Market (GTM) 101! How to Get Your Solution Market Ready Here are the ten key aspects of developing your

Speaking the language of Millennials | Social Media

Millennials are beginning to take over the workplace, and with them come fresh new ideas, creative concepts, and a willingness to bend the rules that define “how it’s always been done.” This is especially true when it comes to marketing. The new language of this generation is social media, which creates a new communication vehicle

The empathetic thinker

At some point in our careers, it seems we all must experience the pleasures of attempting to collaborate with a person who has earned the description of being “stuck in their ways.” In the business world today, we would refer to someone of this measure as an “Egocentric Thinker.” Egocentric thinkers believe that their view


Take what you already do and package it up as a consumption-based service that you can replicate easily to scale across more clients and monetize with a subscription model.

Let’s talk about Quality

‘You use that word a lot, I don’t think it means what you think it means.’    – Inigo Montoya  Quality is one of those words that means different things to different people. Ask ten people to define it and you will get at least ten different answers. They will say it means expensive or exotic, dependable,