ISV Application Solutions | Part 1

What is an ISV and Why Should I Care? Unless you are involved in the application corner of the software industry, it is very likely that you have never heard of the term ISV. Or perhaps, you have heard it in passing but never bothered to look up what it meant. Either way, Odigo is

What talent shortage?

Talent Shortage. It’s the latest catch phrase in the marketplace, and it is segment agnostic. Content industry talent shortage. IT talent shortage. Cybersecurity talent shortage. Top talent shortage. Everyone is talking about it. Well, I hate to burst this trendy bubble, but I have news for you … I, personally, grew my small business last year from a one-person

Exert. Rest. Repeat.

“An object in motion stays in motion…” It’s Newton’s first law: Physics 101, and it’s on my mind this morning. I’m not sure about you, but I haven’t thought about physics in at least two decades. Probably more. However, those seven words from way back when seem relevant today, and they had me scouring the

Make yourself irreplaceable

“Everyone is replaceable.” This is not my favorite quote to hear as a contractor … especially when it is coming from the member of my client’s team who controls the budget and has every intention of replacing me. (Every year. Like clockwork.) After nearly two decades in the business, I would be lying if I

Shiny Apps

App Marketplaces are filling up fast! In fact, 7-year-old Zora Ball developed her first mobile video game using the programming language used to help learn the concepts of algebra (Bootstrap)! So how do you go from being one-in-a-million to being a bright, shiny, stand-out-from-the-crowd app? How to Get Your App to Stand Out Differentiate to

Go-to-Market (GTM) 101

Apps have exploded our mobile, digital marketplace with categories including games, business, education, lifestyle, and entertainment. How do you differentiate your great idea from the 2,506,180 total active apps available in Apple’s App Store? Welcome to Go-to-Market (GTM) 101! How to Get Your Solution Market Ready Here are the ten key aspects of developing your

Speaking the language of Millennials | Social Media

Millennials are beginning to take over the workplace, and with them come fresh new ideas, creative concepts, and a willingness to bend the rules that define “how it’s always been done.” This is especially true when it comes to marketing. The new language of this generation is social media, which creates a new communication vehicle